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We are again approaching another Square and Compass Day!  This exciting time comes only twice a year, and if you're taking advantage of the opportunity, should consistently result in new applications for the degrees in YOUR lodge.  Please take personal responsibility for the results of the day.

Ambassadors are the "face" of Masonry in their respective communities.  We interact with the press in the local community (where appropriate) and are at the forefront of the charge to expand membership in our ancient ranks.  An active Ambassador should take responsibility for the success of our bi-annual Square & Compass days, and guide the newest Masons in his lodge as they progress through the degrees.  We also stand for all of the necessary paperwork and participation for all new candidates, until the candidate has signed the by-laws.

Have you been promoting Free Masonry in YOUR community?

This is an especially important role as new membership is the life-blood of our great and noble fraternity.  All Masons who step into such a role should be lauded for their stand.  It is our job as brothers to help all new Ambassadors settle into this new responsibility.  We have in effect created a new position in the Officer's ranks with a new work load.

The next Square & Compass day will be on March 27th, 2010.  Ambassadors, be sure to attend the entire day, or delegate someone to fill your shoes.  Also, please assist the Secretaries in submitting the report of the day's results to Grand Lodge.

Another reminder, Lodge of Instruction for our district is held on the 4th Thursday of the month.  Ambassadors should attend regularly.  If you have questions and/or would like support in your role as an Ambassador, I will be available at the LOI to assist.

Please feel free to contact me at the Webmaster's address below.

Thank You

Bro. S. Joseph Palmieri III


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